Too all that I have loved, mainly Cigarettes.




I will say this, I think I love cigarettes that much that I cannot seem to live without them.


But I will try my hardest now to quit by New Years Day.


My only problem though is to get the thought of losing a lifelong hinderance of health, and to replace it with a viable source of safer nicotine.


I have the mods and I also have the juices.


I just need to put into practice of not smoking.


The reason being is that my bills take out most of my money and I cannot afford a 30 a day habit.


SO AS OF 5 PM ON THE 29TH OF DECEMBER 2020 I will not smoke anymore.


Sorry Folks

As you are aware, I have set my standard for not smoking for my birthday and Christmas day, but could not doit.

I will try for the New Year, as this is when resolutions are made. And I do not want to be smoking in the new year.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2020

Just want to say have a merry christmas of 2020 even if it has been a bad year with the corona virus thing.


Still Smoking after all this time

For what it is worth, mother does not want me to vape and to only smoke.

As she says it is the vape that has caused me to have a persistent cough.

But I know better and will one day return to it.

But for now, I will smoke.


Nearly is not good enough.

As with me trying to quit tobacco use, I have been using my vapouriser from time to time and doing a few hours here and there, but when it comes down to trying to solve a problem with my smoking, I am unable to continue use of vaping. As a precaution I have been trying to cut down on use of cigarettes.

And from now had done 7 hours about a week ago on the day.

Now that I have found a juice that I like I will now only vape.

My new starting date is the 5th October 2020 @ 8:30 AM.


Gonna get this and beat my addiction to cigarettes.

From time to time, I vape and I smoke, But mainly smoke due to my addiction to cigarettes.

Now for me if I could break that bond to them I will have achieved something rather good.

All I need to do is to vape, But how can I when I know that cigs are freely available from mother or the shop.

As now I have had one of my last cigarettes at 12 PM with daylight savings time.

So from now on @11 AM on the 5th September 2020 I will only vape and show the world that vaping can and will stop somebody from smoking.


I can and I will beat this.

Any addiction is hard to break, but with me it is cigarettes.

I have been trying to vape since 1 PM today. And will continue to try and break my habit.


Getting fed up

I hate myself for smoking and not vaping, or even Snusing.

So as of 1 PM today I will try and not smoke.


When they were up.

Just to update you all, I have been continuing to smoke and keep trying to vape.

How does one do Mouth to Lung without coughing.

As I would like to have high Nicotine, and keep me off the cigs.


Why Oh Why, I will get this going, to be vaping before my Birthday.

Just now I have had my last cigarette for 12 PM. And will now start my Vaping Journey. I need to quit because of health reasons and the only way to do this is to Vape and use Snus.

For now anyway, I will try to not to cough when using my mod.