I just do not know anymore

Why should I quit smoking? Why would I? And how does one do it?

Well the reason why I should quit smoking is that I have Asthma and narrow airways. I have spoken to the doctor at the hospital over the phone about me having a CT scan, and a possible stent put in. But this will be done in a few months time as the Covid 19 is still at large.

The reason why I should is that I will save money and better my health. It just shows that Since you are able to vape, and make your own juices, that the cost of purchasing some bottles is reduced considerably.

I need to change my method of getting nicotine into my system and the safer way to do this is to use either NRT or Vaping Devices. The probable way in waking up is to vape first thing to get nicotine into your system, as if you smoke it only takes about 2-3 seconds for that hit. But vaping takes about 5 minutes before you get it into your system. But the main method is to keep it topped up.

Meaning that you need to vape constantly for a period of time. Until you are satisfied.

Chemical Compound of Nicotine.


My Oh My

I hate to keep saying I will, when I know that I cannot.

I will now do a day or else I will quit cold turkey.

Attempts Vape Journey

Could be the right time.

It could be the right time for me to quit tobacco, and start on my vape journey.

It might be that I have a routine of getting up at a certain time, yet fluctuates. And starting to vape at a certain time of day. And do many hours without smoking.

Hope this can be the start of my journey and documented for the masses.


Trying in Vain, but what about not smoking for a change.

How is it that when you want to quit tobacco use in the early days that you are more committed to the corps than doing it for ages.

So as many can see, I still struggle to get to grips with not smoking.

But as some days pass, I do do some hours without smoking via vaping.

Vaping can be a cure for me to give up smoking, but I need to be committed enough to reflex in the mornings what I want to do. Either smoke and vape or just vape.

So As of 12 pm I am vaping.


Maybe I should.

Maybe I should do what I know is best for me in the long run, as smoking is killing people either very slowly or just gradually.

Smoking is the past and vaping is now becoming the future for some. It is relied upon for harm reduction and is one source of cessation.

As the title suggests, I should be more keen on vaping than smoking, but smoking releases a nicotine kick quicker than vaping. And Vaping is much safer than combustibles.

So as of 5 PM (Without DST) I will be vaping mostly. As I have hidden my Pack of cigs, and will now start.


How come I can but not for long?

Whenever I try to vape, I sometimes cough, but only after smoking for a determined amount of time. This time is usually abated by me continuing to smoke, but once I vape I can do some hours before I light another ciggy.

  1. How come I still smoke
  2. When will I quit tobacco use
  3. When and how will I quit

These are some of the things that needs to be addressed.

Now if one person would have said that I would have done 42 days as a none smoker. I would have laughed.

Attempts Vape Journey

Alas, I have made a good decision.

Upon me writing this, I have made numerous posts stating that I will only Vape and for the best part is only kept for a few hours.

That is when I will do a day, if I stick with Vaping.

I had done a day about 2 weeks ago and would like to get back to it.

I feel that since Smoking it is so easy to obtain cigarettes, either through mother or just generally going to the shop to purchase them.

And since I do not sleep at good hours, I will fail miserably trying to vape.

The reason being is that I do not go to bed at reasonable hours, and since it is hotter during the night. The sleeping pattern goes to pots. And that if I want to get back to a routine of going to bed at say 11 PM and getting up at 9 or 10 AM. That is what I want. As I will have had a good amount of sleep.

So TODAY I will START VAPING at 8 AM (9 AM with DST).


When you’re on the up but always fail. Or should I say?

You just do not know how sometimes trying to quit cigarette usage is hard. As the main Tobacconist put added chemicals in the mixture to take up nicotine at a faster rate. But what should you say if there was an device that could ease everything.

Well so happens, there is.

I have be vaping since 12 PM or 11 AM without DST.

Hoping that this trend continues.


Could I do it?

Just had my last cigarette.

So will now be vaping

Time I had my last was @ 20:00 (8 PM) Without DST.


I have done what was needed to be done.

Had my last cigarette at 15:00 PM without Daylight Savings Time.