Attempts Rambling

That Time again!

Upon writing this I am sure many of you will be angry at the way I try to do less harm smoking, meaning switching to Vaping full time.

This is either a no go area in which I continue to smoke, regardless of what it is actually doing to my internals.

And my desire to stay Smoke-free.

Today I had my last cigarette out of my packet at 13:00 and I am still vaping concurrently.

So my New QUIT Date is the following

18th July 2021 @ 12 PM


Too all that I have loved, mainly Cigarettes.




I will say this, I think I love cigarettes that much that I cannot seem to live without them.


But I will try my hardest now to quit by New Years Day.


My only problem though is to get the thought of losing a lifelong hinderance of health, and to replace it with a viable source of safer nicotine.


I have the mods and I also have the juices.


I just need to put into practice of not smoking.


The reason being is that my bills take out most of my money and I cannot afford a 30 a day habit.


SO AS OF 5 PM ON THE 29TH OF DECEMBER 2020 I will not smoke anymore.


Sorry Folks

As you are aware, I have set my standard for not smoking for my birthday and Christmas day, but could not doit.

I will try for the New Year, as this is when resolutions are made. And I do not want to be smoking in the new year.


Getting fed up

I hate myself for smoking and not vaping, or even Snusing.

So as of 1 PM today I will try and not smoke.


I just do not know anymore

Why should I quit smoking? Why would I? And how does one do it?

Well the reason why I should quit smoking is that I have Asthma and narrow airways. I have spoken to the doctor at the hospital over the phone about me having a CT scan, and a possible stent put in. But this will be done in a few months time as the Covid 19 is still at large.

The reason why I should is that I will save money and better my health. It just shows that Since you are able to vape, and make your own juices, that the cost of purchasing some bottles is reduced considerably.

I need to change my method of getting nicotine into my system and the safer way to do this is to use either NRT or Vaping Devices. The probable way in waking up is to vape first thing to get nicotine into your system, as if you smoke it only takes about 2-3 seconds for that hit. But vaping takes about 5 minutes before you get it into your system. But the main method is to keep it topped up.

Meaning that you need to vape constantly for a period of time. Until you are satisfied.

Chemical Compound of Nicotine.