Attempts Rambling

That Time again!

Upon writing this I am sure many of you will be angry at the way I try to do less harm smoking, meaning switching to Vaping full time.

This is either a no go area in which I continue to smoke, regardless of what it is actually doing to my internals.

And my desire to stay Smoke-free.

Today I had my last cigarette out of my packet at 13:00 and I am still vaping concurrently.

So my New QUIT Date is the following

18th July 2021 @ 12 PM

Attempts Smoking

If Having?

What would you do if you had a narrow throat, that restricted you to only cough when smoking or vaping.

What would you do if having found an alternative to the deadly weed, I.e Cigarettes. That each time you take a pull you cough your lungs up, no matter what you do, wether you smoke or vape.

What would you do if you had never continued to smoke in your early years, would you still feel the need to smoke now since we have all the time in the world to have one. I sure would not.

But I am only stating facts when I say that since I started to smoke, I cannot quit the deadly habit.

And the longest time without smoking was 42 days, about 5 years ago.

I just wish that I did not pick up that cigarette and started to smoke, just because I could not taste my juice.

I will now and forever be blessed with vaping.


Should I start Now?

Just would like to let everyone know that I will be quitting the cigarettes on the 7th May 2021 @ 12 PM (without DST).

The concern about my health is why I need to do this and I will never stop trying to quit.

I need to quit for good, as I keep going out of it either smoking or vaping, but I would prefer to do the latter, as it is a safer option.

Attempts Vape Journey

Just Fallen

Every-time I inhale Smoke, I cough. Sometimes I cough Up Phlegm. And with that Some Brown Tar that is in the mucus.

But Today I forced My Self to bring up some phlegm. And I went out of it from standing over the kitchen sink. And went walk backwards whilst trying to get my breath. Then fell over backwards.

So had my Last Ever Cigarette. At 8:00 PM

SO NOW MY QUIT DATE IS 9TH MARCH 2021 @ 8:00 PM………….



When will I never learn, I will try my best now.

So with a further a do, I must now only Vape. But my main reason for not doing so is that I have ample supply of Cigarettes. Whether I have none or not.

If I don’t have any, I can always use my mothers.

But I must quit Smoking, as my health is bad, and I am always getting comments from the rest of my family about my coughing and that will not do.

They know that I have narrow airways, but they state that I am putting it on. As attention seeking. And I am not.

When I will Quit Smoking7th March 2021
What Time I will Quit Smoking11 PM (19:00)

So as of 7th March 2021 @ 11 PM I will now only Vape.


Time to do a do over

I have now ditched my cigarettes and started to vape.

I have done this at the time of writing at 18:35 today on the 18th February 2021.

So I will only be vaping from now.


Tomorrow will mark

Tomorrow will mark the start of a new relationship with vaping.

I will smoke the remainder of my cigarettes today and will not go past midnight.

I will try and use my Vapourizer in the morning and will give my mother the remaining cigs to have if I do not smoke them all today.

I have to do this, as my health is on a keel that does not allow me to smoke in the morning without having an aid to help me to breath, usually the Pink Inhaler. And Blue Inhaler when I need it.

I will of course tell you if I fail. And hope that I do not need to do this.

I like Direct to lung, but need to do mouth to lung to get me to reacquainted with vaping.

Now for all intense and purposes I will be using an old bellus tank equipped with a single coil and running in low wattage.

I just hope it sticks this time.


Nearly is not good enough.

As with me trying to quit tobacco use, I have been using my vapouriser from time to time and doing a few hours here and there, but when it comes down to trying to solve a problem with my smoking, I am unable to continue use of vaping. As a precaution I have been trying to cut down on use of cigarettes.

And from now had done 7 hours about a week ago on the day.

Now that I have found a juice that I like I will now only vape.

My new starting date is the 5th October 2020 @ 8:30 AM.


Gonna get this and beat my addiction to cigarettes.

From time to time, I vape and I smoke, But mainly smoke due to my addiction to cigarettes.

Now for me if I could break that bond to them I will have achieved something rather good.

All I need to do is to vape, But how can I when I know that cigs are freely available from mother or the shop.

As now I have had one of my last cigarettes at 12 PM with daylight savings time.

So from now on @11 AM on the 5th September 2020 I will only vape and show the world that vaping can and will stop somebody from smoking.


I can and I will beat this.

Any addiction is hard to break, but with me it is cigarettes.

I have been trying to vape since 1 PM today. And will continue to try and break my habit.