Everything will fall into place.

How is it that when you want to quit smoking and have done, that once you have your first inhale of a cigarette since being abstinent, that you want more and more.

This happened to me way back in 63 lol.

Seriously wanting to quit, but with smokers in the house and ones that come around, I have a bad time with them smoking around me.

But that is life, You can either take it by a pinch of salt or go do what they do.

I usually do as them and that is why I find it difficult to quit.

Also they take what the press say as gospel truths and misinformation is playing devils advocate in this household.

Yet my nephew vapes and smokes, but he would prefer to smoke, but chooses to vape when he is in his room.

I had my last ciggy at 4pm today.

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