Vape Journey

I should know better and today I ?

If you are like me and have no will power to quit smoking then look no further. I today bought a packet which is very accessible to the masses all over the world that are of legal age. But why did I do this? I would only have a guess as I am addicted to cigarettes. And I am not alone. I started to smoke at age 15 full time. And I wish that I did not do so.

As my health is in relatively good shape but since smoking and trying to vape full time, I have not had that luck. And my coughing exacerbates when trying to smoke or vape. I do not know why I pass out sometimes when I cough. I need to see a specialist at my local hospital on the 19th of March this year. And they will have to see why I cough so hard and pass-out.

Now if you are like me and want to start the day of vaping and never do, and only reach for the cigarettes first thing in the morning, Then bad news is you are addicted to nicotine. The good news is that there is a multitude of offerings to help you quit. My choice is my vapouriser.

Although I have not hit the mark to continue in the mornings nor continue during the day, with each passing hour that I do not smoke it is a win. I will try and vape from now on and see where it takes me.

I finished my last cigarette out of a pack of 20 and 14 are left in a cupboard. This was at 16:00 pm.


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