Old Journey

Hello All

My journey started about November 2014 when I was going to the town I noticed a stall set out that showed cig-a-likes that could actually be tested and vaped in the mall as the reports on this was that it was not toxic to a passer-by. So I took up the courage and tried one, now I was not used to vaping going into my cavity and only was experienced with smoke going to the back of my throat and lungs. So I bought a pack of Cartomizers and a battery, during the days that I was using it, not like that of the cigarette I started to notice I was smoking less than half of what I was on. Usually 20 a day smoker I was and had been reduced to about 6 per day, that was until I had to recharge the battery, so I recharged the battery and although I had reduced the amount I was smoking. It had increased during this time and I tried once again at cutting down to maybe Zero, but to avail, it did not work and was left dormant on my computer desk for over a year.

The next time I started to use this was 30th June 2015 since I purchased more flavours from that company directly from their site, Socialites. So once I tried a particular flavour I started to once again make that effort in giving up smoking, it was not until the 2nd or 3rd week that I got enough courage to try a day without smoking and using my Cigalike. It lasted nearly 2 whole days, as I thought I might try and see what cigarettes taste like now, No no difference in taste so damn me for getting this far I started to research vaping and came across a Forum and began my journey their also, now when I asked questions it was to get the same answer from the vaping community there, but I did not like the answers given to me. I do not know why I did not like them but I did not, My questions where the normal How do I reduce my Cigarette intake or Quit all together. So since reading and watching videos on youtube, I decided to get a Cool Fire IV as I liked the look of it and it was partly future-proofing.


That arrived a few days later with my Tank (ISUB G) but did not have any juice to go in it, so I went to my Socialites website and ordered some juice at 18mg Nicotine, that then arrived a few days later and I began my journey into sub ohming, Yet I did not know for the best part, and this is when I tried to inhale my juice it hit me hard, so I went to another Forum and this was different, Mostly American type of website. So I asked how to use my tank on both forums and someone said to get a Mini Nautilus as this will help with Mouth to lung hitters. So I purchased one and tried that with my juice but I was still yearning for something as I could not take the amount of Nic that my juice was and kept trying to inhale for long periods but could not do the old habit of how a cigarette is smoked.


In my mind I was still smoking the Traditional Cigarettes to how I smoked them, I just had to distinguish between the two so I kept watching more videos and tutorials on how to inhale. Fast forward a few weeks and I was now getting on with my Nautilus but was not committed to quitting as yet, but started to try and quit on a Sunday, and I knew that my Sister in law was coming who was a smoker, so I tried to stay clear or near her for the most part of the day just to see how I would cope with being around smokers. That day went good but did not last as the next day I bought a packet from my local shop.


This kept going on and on for a few months until I got some 6mg Nicotine to try in my Sub Ohm tank and tried to use it once again but without the added hassle of blowing my head off with high Nicotine in it. So during the next few weeks, I tried and tried to use this tank solely all day and could not, so I tried to use it just before going to bed once I smoke my last cigarette. this lasted a few weeks until I took the plunge and did not smoke for a whole day once again, then I made that two days, three days, four, you get the picture right. Wrong I ended up only doing 5 days without one, so I persisted to quitting.


During my time I kept giving people my update to how I was coping, many had no interest or generally were very supportive of me trying to quit, so I became known to most like the person who wants to quit but has not got it in him to quit. So I was about to change their opinion of me,.


So once I had gotten used to vaping for them few days I tried to do more and more days, this was working and I stuck to my guns but still was failing by going back to the old habit. But now had a routine where I would Vape a week then smoke a week, this lasted for a month or so before I gave myself that final push to coming off the cigarettes.


Now I know that this is not looking good with people view on why is it so hard to quit, the truth is not everyone takes to vaping on their first attempt, I was one of them. So my last journey last all of 18 days as I had gotten a cold and could not continue to use my mod, this was since the 13th December just gone, as I was sub ohming I was already starting to clear out the gunk that was in my throat and lungs but not on a massive scale, just a few vomits here and there with essences of food and a browny gold-coloured mess in it. That was that gunk, but since having one on the New Years eve I thought I could make my resolution to not to smoke in the new year. But once I had a drag of that cigarette I vomited up all the remaining gunk that I had or thought I had in the kitchen sink.


I only smoked that day and a few days later had the remaining cigarettes left in the kitchen cupboard, so as this was going to be my first month of cigarettes and did cheat by having some on New Year’s Eve. I have reset myself the task of not having one in this year, nor by spending madly on things I do not need at high volume. I won’t go into detail about the purchases I have made just to get me off cigarettes.


Current day, 13th January 2016, I am vaping happy and no longer a smoker.

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