Attempts Vape Journey

Just Fallen

Every-time I inhale Smoke, I cough. Sometimes I cough Up Phlegm. And with that Some Brown Tar that is in the mucus.

But Today I forced My Self to bring up some phlegm. And I went out of it from standing over the kitchen sink. And went walk backwards whilst trying to get my breath. Then fell over backwards.

So had my Last Ever Cigarette. At 8:00 PM

SO NOW MY QUIT DATE IS 9TH MARCH 2021 @ 8:00 PM………….



Tomorrow will mark

Tomorrow will mark the start of a new relationship with vaping.

I will smoke the remainder of my cigarettes today and will not go past midnight.

I will try and use my Vapourizer in the morning and will give my mother the remaining cigs to have if I do not smoke them all today.

I have to do this, as my health is on a keel that does not allow me to smoke in the morning without having an aid to help me to breath, usually the Pink Inhaler. And Blue Inhaler when I need it.

I will of course tell you if I fail. And hope that I do not need to do this.

I like Direct to lung, but need to do mouth to lung to get me to reacquainted with vaping.

Now for all intense and purposes I will be using an old bellus tank equipped with a single coil and running in low wattage.

I just hope it sticks this time.