That should about does it!!!

Since I started to vape and kept on smoking more than vaping, I developed a cough that just will not budge. This cough makes me cough profusely. And the only way to get past this is to try and to continue to vape. One should say that it is 95% safer than smoking, and I did do 42 days back in 2016 towards the backend. To memory I recall it being 5th October to 14th November.

So since I cough profusely and puke up and go out of it, I intend to vape.


This will be the start of something new and old to me, as each time I try to vape I go a few hours sometimes about 4 hours at a time, or longer. Then if I do a days worth will end up smoking again. And this will come to a end. I will surely go mad or crazy without having that fast nicotine fix. But surely I can do this. And I will.


So today starting at midnight last night I took an oath that stated that I will no longer smoke.

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