Attempts Vape Journey

Alas, I have made a good decision.

Upon me writing this, I have made numerous posts stating that I will only Vape and for the best part is only kept for a few hours.

That is when I will do a day, if I stick with Vaping.

I had done a day about 2 weeks ago and would like to get back to it.

I feel that since Smoking it is so easy to obtain cigarettes, either through mother or just generally going to the shop to purchase them.

And since I do not sleep at good hours, I will fail miserably trying to vape.

The reason being is that I do not go to bed at reasonable hours, and since it is hotter during the night. The sleeping pattern goes to pots. And that if I want to get back to a routine of going to bed at say 11 PM and getting up at 9 or 10 AM. That is what I want. As I will have had a good amount of sleep.

So TODAY I will START VAPING at 8 AM (9 AM with DST).

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