Vape Journey

How or When will I quit tobacco use.

I would assume you all know me by now and that each time I try to vape I fail by lighting another cigarette up. This is going to end now. But before I start on my journey yet again, I will start to think back to a time that I had done 42 days without smoking and how I felt when doing these days. It was cool to know for a fact that Vaping did work for me for those days and that My mentality changed towards vaping as a means to stay smoke-free for any length of time. But my major downfall is that I think I like smoking too much or it could be that the chemicals that are added to tobacco are the ones that keep you hooked and for longer. It really depends on the end-user that if he or she wants to quit tobacco, they must willingly set their mind to a frame of mind to quit. They must really want to quit and they need to do so before any or if any illness has arisen to quit. This is health for you.

I was loving the feeling that I was smoke-free for a long time when doing 42 days, but this had a toll on the cravings. Yes they were only 1-2 minutes long and was easily manageable but if you wanted to get passed these without smoking you needed to vape through these minutes, yet not stating that I was chain vaping but it sure did feel like it.

This was about 3 Years ago coming October 5th-15th November. I would like to get back to this stage and continue to where I last left off. But I need to change my ways first.

I just do not know how or when I will quit tobacco use, only for a little while should I start to vape for a few hours in a given day. That no matter how long in hours from starting to actually lighting another cigarette up. I have to beat this cycle.




So starting today at 1 pm with daylight savings time. Or 12 pm without. I will only vape from now on.


7th September 2019 @ 1 PM.

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