It’s Made me who I am today!

Just would like to say that since starting to smoke back in the 2000s and doing it full time. I did, however, get to the stage that I could smoke 2 full packets of cigs a day, but was only when in a mental institution. Now I am down to 10 a day with vaping for quite a few hours. I am wanting to get back to a time that when I was doing 42 days, I slipped up and had one, with only one smoked it lines the day for more to be smoked. And that is just how it ended the 42 days.

Since 9 AM this morning. I started to Vape and have been doing so ever since. It will be coming up to 12 hours in 2 hours 10 minutes time.


I still cough and go out of it but not as much as when I was smoking.


I will constantly will be vaping in the need to help save my health.

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