To start my journey.

Today, since I should be vaping and not smoking, I kept coughing whilst smoking, so today will start my transition to vaping at 2 pm.

The reason why I have not been vaping for prolonged periods is that I am addicted to what is in cigarettes. And for one cannot get past all the chemicals that are therein.

People who started to use chemicals to keep us smoking did a good job. But it is for those wishing to kick the habit needs a lot of will power to break the cycle of lighting up.

I for one are one of those who cannot break the cycle but could try within a few hours of vaping reaching for a cigarette.

I need to break this and the only other alternative to smoking is vaping. Vaping can give the same habits as that of smoking.

If only I can do 1 day and then another, it would mean that I started to break a cycle but not the main cycle. Not unless I can beat my 42 days.


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